Whale Watching Hawaii

June 14, 2014 8:44 pm

All footage was taken 500ft+ away from whale, used a zoomed lens from Ragecams. 
Using my Dronefly and Gopro Hero 3+, I was able to catch these beautiful whales enjoying the ocean over 3 separate days on the North Shore of Oahu, my favorite being the pod of whales swimming through the wave lineup at Pipeline. While I filmed from land, the whales ranged anywhere from a mile out at sea to close to the shore. A truly awesome experience.
Music by TomDay facebook.com/pages/Tom-Day/158135494261063 
Dronefly dronefly.com/?Click=4211
Ragecams ragecams.com Used a flat 5.4 mm lens to remove fisheye on Gopro.
For more videos: instagram.com/ericsterman/

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