CRC – Canadian Rally Championship

October 7, 2014 9:03 pm

Once again we were asked to do aerial filming for the Canadian Rally Championship for TSN’s TV coverage.

Filming rally racing can be very demanding. There’s a need to be constantly moving locations, dealing with rough conditions, and of course, timing our flights just right to capture the cars as they come by in a matter of seconds!

But it is also extremely exciting and we love doing it!

For this shoot, our crew had to contend with less than ideal weather conditions, with rain showers and gusty winds as well as the dust and dirt that gets constantly kicked up by the cars. There’s nothing quite like trying to make that perfect camera movement while getting engulfed in a massive cloud of dust! But that’s exactly what our cameraman had to do – good thing we use those live video downlink goggles, so he doesn’t even know its coming!

Of course we persevered, and provided the production with some of the shots you see here.

This was our 3rd time doing aerial cinematography of the rally circuit for TSN and we’re looking forward to even more for next season!

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